Application examples for craft

The possible applications for trace heating for craft are varied. We proudly present some exemplary applications. Do you have an idea and do not know if it will be feasible? We can advise you with our know-how.

Gutter heatings
secure not only the safe drainage of melt water, but also prevent reliably the formation of icicles.
The realization is mainly with self-limiting heating cables.

Roof surface heating
Reliable prevention of exceeding the maximum roof loads caused by snow.
For this technique, the PTFE insulated heating cable is particularly suitable

Gas-water installation work
A busted water pipe can quickly cause high costs and a lot of inconvenience.

Frost protection of water pipes
Preferred systems for this application are self-limiting heating tapes and PTFE heating cables. Due to heating of hot water pipes, the complete circulation system can be stinted.